Patients Testimonials

Achala Shah
I had a severe bleeding problem and was told to undergo an Abdominal Hysterectomy . Just one day before I was about to get admitted for surgery, I came to know about this stichless aquadissection and was amazed . I went to see Dr Rajan joshi and got very reassured . I got admitted on Tuesday morning and the surgery was over and I was home on Thursday morning .. I still cant believe it..It is a blessing.

Amita Shah
After my two deliveris, I never thought I will have to go to a gynec ever, but my bleeding problem forced me to go to a gynec. After meeting over 9 gynecs to understand the various ways of removal of uterus, I finally met the dr who inspired a lot of confidence in me. Dr Rajan joshi showed me a full presentation of the procedure and I am glad I went there. After the stichless Aquadissection technique of uterus removal , I am totally fine and have forgotten that I ever got operated.  I  would advice any woman who needs to go for removal of uterus to go to Dr Rajan joshi.

Geeta Parmar
I had a big fibroid ( tumor ) in the uterus and as I was a heavy diabetic I was told not to undergo a long surgery. I had heard about Aquadissection from my friend who also had it done at Dr rajan joshi’s hospital. I was a little nervous , but I decided to go ahead. I was so surprised at the simplicity of the procedure and it got over within 12 minutes while I was talking to the nurse. I would recommend this surgery in any patient who wants to get the uterus removed, without hesitation.

Jashoda Patel
Being extremely over weight , but bleeding heavily I was in trouble as a lot of doctors were skeptical about removing my uterus from above. I had heard about Dr Joshi gynec hospital having the facility of stichless fast removal of  uterus. I came from Nadiad for the surgery . My operation took 13 minutes and I was back to Nadiad on 3 rd day . I feel I have got a new life.. thanks to Dr Rajan joshi.

Kailashben Mistry
I was so scared of surgery that even after suffering from heavy bleeding for 3 years I did not go to a doctor. When I heard of Dr Rajan joshi, I went for the surgery feeling very confident . My operation was over in 10 minutes and I went to the room in 20 minutes . After 2 days I went home like nothing has happened… what more could I have asked for ?

Komal Vora
My uterus was coming out which is called Prolapse .. I was too scared of the long procedure , But when I heard that it can be done with a very fast and simple technique. I decided to get it done at DR joshi gynec hospital and I feel so healthy and young once again.

Nipunika Shah
I had a lot of gynec problems and needed to go for hysterectomy . Since I had heard a lot about the side effects and complications of Abdominal ( with stich from above ) hysterectomy, I was afraid. I met the gynec of all my 3 daughters , dr rajan and he introduced me to this technique of Aquadissection. I am so happy to have undergone this procedure as was back to my normal routine within 3 days without any complications.

Panna Bhatt
I was suffering from a gynec problem and was advised to remove my uterus. But I found the attitude of American doctors very un co operative. There were a lot of delays in getting appointments and I did not have an insurance. I had heard that a lot of  Indians living in the US had undergone a very fast and simple method of removal of uterus at dr rajan joshi’s gynec hospital in ahmedabad. I called him and had a very reassuring feeling about him. My family doctors in India also recommended him. I landed in India and had the surgery done. I felt so homely in the very modern and state of art hospital . I went home on 3 rd day feeling no pain or weakness. Any woman needing a removal of uterus from US should fly down to ahmedabad even if they have an insurance.. This surgery leaves no side effects on the body and it is worth it.

Veronica Christian
I was avoiding getting the surgery for removal of uterus done since long. When I met Fr rajan joshi, he explained the procedure of Aquadissecion and I got convinced immidietly. After having got the surgery done so smoothly, I regret having suffered for so many years.

Dr. Rajan Joshi
M.D. Gynaec; Fellow, Texas Medical Center, Houston, Texas, USA
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Patients Testimonials
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