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Uterus Removal

Removal of uterus (Hysterectomy) is one of the most common surgeries in women in their late thirties and above. Since decades there have been two modes of  hysterectomies- Abdominal (cutting the abdomen ) and Vaginal .( removal  through vagina ) Abdominal Hysterectomy, which is removing the uterus by cutting open the abdomen of the woman. Is fast becoming outdated as this involves long duration of surgery, considerable blood loss, , increased  duration and thus the side effects of anesthesia, surgical complications, long hospital stay, long duration of recovery and above all the risk of hernia ! All the above has now become an event of past !

DR. Joshi gyneac hospital  has the pleasure of sharing the experience of  a revolutionary , ultra modern concept of removing the uterus very swiftly--  HYSTERECTOMY  BY  AQUA DISSECTION  which is a modification of VAGINAL hysterectomy. Invented by DR. Vyomesh, this method has more or less replaced the old conventional method and revolutionized the concept of Removal of uterus. After the first introduction, over 8000 patients have been benefited by this superb method! The following  reasons have made this surgery the only choice in this era :

       ›   The total duration of the surgery is only 12 minutes as compared to 2 hours in case of conventional
       ›   There is minimal blood loss, hence no need of blood transfusion, minimizing the risk of AIDs and other             heamatologicaly communicable diseases
       ›   The requirement of anesthesia is minimal and so less side effects
       ›   There are no  CUTS or STICHES on the abdomen, so no chance of hernia
       ›   The total duration of hospital stay is only 2 days, the patient can start food on same day .
       ›   There is no need for post operative bed rest, the patient can resume her normal routine activities on the
           4thday unlike long post operative rest schedule for conventional procedures.
       ›   There is no Post operative pain.
       ›   The patient does not require any dressing and can fly back on 3rd day.
       ›   Most cost effective and patient does not lose working days
       ›   For NRI with or without local insurance, this still works out many folds cheaper.

Dr. Rajan Joshi
M.D. Gynaec; Fellow, Texas Medical Center, Houston, Texas, USA
  Uterus Removal
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