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Most Indian patients have an insurance coverage . The Aqua dissection is covered by all insurance companies .. At Dr Joshi gynec hospital, we have the cover of all leading insurance companies as well as TPA such as MEDSAVE, MEDASSIST, MDINDIA, HERITAGE, PARAMOUNT, HEALTH INDIA ETC for CASHLESS INSURANCE COVER. Our insurance dept takes care of all your insurance needs.The procedure of AQUADISSECTION costs the same as the conventional ABDOMINAL HYSTRECTOM


Patients from abroad will be offered special packages, which includes all cost from arrival to discharge including operation charges, room charges, nursing and doctor visit charges, medication charges, biopsy charges, investigation charges. Compared to the countries like US and UK the rates are many fold cheaper in India, at the same time providing better if not equal personalized care and a surgery which is not available any where else in the world
Dr. Rajan Joshi
M.D. Gynaec; Fellow, Texas Medical Center, Houston, Texas, USA
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