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This hospital offers the basic and hi tech facilities of world class standards
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Fair Child

What can be easily called as the biggest breakthrough in the field of gynecology is our launching of natural treatment in pregnancy in order to beget a fair complexioned child by the combination of ayurveda, naturopathy and Bach wild flower therapy and a simple diet. This therapy is to be had for a month after 5th  month is over and is gift of our ancient scriptures as well as the research by Dr. Bach.

Painless Delivery

Make pregnancy an enjoyable experience at our hospital with facilities like painless labour in a sound proof comfortable labour room with all modern facilities like continuous intra partum electronic fetal heart rate monitoring for safety of the fetus. We have on our panel leading neonatologist and pediatricians to carry out any routine or emergency resuscitation procedure after birth and to evaluate the new born baby. Our labor room and operation theatre are equipped with the latest facilities required for the new born

Our operation theatre is state of art, modern and well equipped to carry out all routine and emergency obstetrics and Gynaec surgeries. It has a inverter, Boyles major anesthesia trolley, a valley lab cautery, shadow less lamp, focused halogen lamps, defibrillator, 2 suction machines, pulse oxymeter and continuous cardiac monitor and level 2 autoclaving facilities.
Heart Rate Monitoring

We have the world’s most efficient sonicaid electronic fetal heart rate monitoring machine which is indispensable and absolutely mandatory in any maternity setup. This machine measures the variation in baby’s intra uterine heart rate which signifies the amount of oxygen supply that the baby is getting in pregnancy and labour. Any kind of calamity can be diagnosed by this machine at the earliest.

Lamaze Classes

Ours is the only hospital in INDIA with in house pregnancy educative and informative classes for the couples to train them to go through all the ups and downs of pregnancy . This class is a weekly 2 hourly sessions for 4 weeks which takes the couple through the fantastic journey of all the stages of pregnancy and delivery. It consists of slides, posters and videos graphically depicting every little aspect of being a mother from starting to end. Lectures which are very interactive with group discussions bring out total communication between the doctor and patients. At the end of the Lamaze classes the couple is more confident and well equipped psychologically, morally and intellectually to face one of the best things that life has to offer—parenting.

Plastic Surgery

Our team of cosmetic surgery are always present at caesarean sections and procedures like liposuction and tummy tuck are carries out as and when required to help the patients get back in shape along with good physiotherapy follow up.



This hospital offers the complete assessment for infertility. We pride ourselves to offer the patient complete counseling and education as to know how conception happens and what could be possibly wrong with them. Instead of jumping to extremely expensive so called hi tech procedures we believe in treating with simple procedures step by step avoiding unnecessary heavy hormonal injections unless in last stages. We have treated a huge no of patients from USA and UK who come down to India in search of an answer after being frustrated in foreign lands where doctors proceed with their own slow protocol and most things are not covered by insurance. It works out so much cheaper to come and get the infertility treatment done here. We are proud to have a large drainage of patients who come here with lots of hopes and we send them back happy and with a complete family.

Artificial Inseminations

Men are responsible for over 30 % of all infertility problems. Due to heavy stress, smoking and drinking a lot of men have problems of low sperm count or sometimes no sperm counts. The ‘low sperm’ counts can be treated and IUI can be done after processing the semen but for ‘ no sperm’ husband there is no way but to go for DONOR SEMEN. Contrary to hearsay, we have facilities tied up with excellent semen banks which accept the semen of only healthy, educated and disease free men and the semen is processed in world class lab standards with double blind confidentiality . The donor semen are extremely high count and fetch us very good fertility rates.

Minimal invasive surgeries done by most modern endoscopy instrumentation helps not only in diagnosing but also treating infertility . Besides infertility endoscopy can treat a lot of gynec problems and has replaced the conventional open surgeries with key hole surgeries where in very small  scars are put on the abdomen and the hospital stay greatly reduced and recovery hastened.
Cancer Screening
In today’s world , a major cause of death is cancer and a woman has to be worried about the 4 common cancers – Breast, ovary, uterus and Cervix. All the above organs can be checked at regular intervals to detect the earliest presence of cancers and even pre cancer conditions which if not treated can rapidly progress to full fledged cancers. Special packages are offered for complete gynec check ups to defend against being caught unawares by this deadly disease.
Family Planning
Modern and safe products as well as surgeries are offered to couples wanting contraception at a temporary or a permanent level .
Sex Counselling
Special sessions are done for couples who need the knowledge of anatomy and physiology as well as human psychology to help them sail through the rough winds of sexual disharmony which attacks almost all couples at some stage of their lives.At this time a sympathetic counseling along with interactive sessions can help couples enrich their sexual lives manifold. Indians now have realized the importance of sex counseling and the taboo of approaching and expert for his advice on sexual dysfunction is rapidly vanishing into oblivation.
Honeymoon Counselling

‘What you always wanted to know but where afraid to ask… ‘  seems to be giving way to the bold new generation who take up the responsibility of acquiring all the knowledge that they ought to know about sex, their body and most importantly the knowledge about entering a new life – married life..

We at Dr. Joshi gynaec hospital provide the HONEYMOON COUNSELLING which is an Endeavour to provide the couple a plethora of  information before tying the knot.

Our counseling start firstly with CONTRACEPTION. Usually the couple sees us  1 to 2 months in advance of marriage. Here in , information is given as to the different kinds of family planning methods depending upon factors such as age of couple, any family history of disease or abnormal children, occupation, habitat and also as the the duration of
contraception desired . Pros and cons of all methods and right way to use the method  is important to avoid side effects and failure of effect which can result in unplanned
pregnancy. Looking at the large choice available it is mandatory to consult before consuming !

The second point is of sex . In our conservative society many questions remain unanswered .. Total openness with one’s partner comes only with knowledge and communication which are given as a tool at counseling. Honeymoon and the first few encounters of sexual intercourse are never a bed of roses for the stressed, fatigued and nervous couples and all this is accentuated if they do not have the  proper knowledge of anatomy and physiology as well as the mental approach to a new relationship. Thorough information is provided with graphics . It is said that a bad start in sexual life leaves permanent scars on the couples’ mind which can be the cause of constant tension as long as they live..!

The third point to be explained is to expect and know about a very common ailment striking the newly wed woman – honeymoon cystitis (urine infection due to friction of intercourse).  We fully prepare the woman with total knowledge and also some medication to be taken as immediate action when they are on their honeymoon so that the bacteria does not make things ‘BED TO WORSE’ !!

It is a must for every pre marriage couples to go for a  counseling session …..
The ideal time to see us is at least 1 to 2 months before the marriage date

Cosmetic Surgery

We have full facilities for a cosmetic surgery clinic of international standards . In this age of permanent beautification the woman needs to remain perfect even if it involves a corrective surgery. With the help of modern technology and we have achieved beautiful results in the ever green field of cosmetic surgery. We do the following surgeries –
Liposuction ; tummy tuck ; Breast implants for enhancement; Breast tightening : Breast reduction : Lip enhancement , Face lift , Botox, wrinkle Treatment ; derm abrasion for acne scars, Nose re shaping.

All this by a panel of UK trained cosmetic surgeons who define surgery as an art ….

Menopause Clinic

Life does not end at 50... not at all. We dedicate ourselves for the mature women over 45 who are prepared to take Menopause with a lot of stride. It is always thought that this is the worst stage of a woman’s life and there is no respite. We have a full fledged programme for these ladies starting from education, counseling, investigations, Cancer screening ,Hormonal and non hormonal treatment, Ayurveda, Bach flower remedies, Yoga instructions and partner involvement . In today’s world of increased life expectancy women live upto 80 s and they need to live with dignity and quality life.. At our hospital it is a regular event to see women over 50 walking in with great anxiety and apprehension and walking out with confidence and clarity.!!

Dr. Rajan Joshi
M.D. Gynaec; Fellow, Texas Medical Center, Houston, Texas, USA
Uterus Removal
Fair Child
Painless Delivery And Intrapartum Monitoring
Electronic Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring
Lamaze  Classes
Plastic Surgery At Caesarean Section

Artificial  Inseminaitons

Cancer Screening
Family Planning Proceedures
Sex Counselling
Honey Moon Counselling
Cosmetic Surgery
Menopause Clinic
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